Geneva in snow, January 2013

Geneva in white. An scene that was repeated many times during the winter from December 2012 to late February 2013. Although this winter did not have the extremes of the last one, described as the ice-storm on February 2012 that lasted almost 20 days with temperatures inside the city around -10 and -15 Celsius degrees, and strong north winds (bise) that froze everything around the lake (Lac de Geneve or Lac Leman), it was pretty cold and very snowy even inside the city.

The first intensive snowfall did take place on the 13th of December although it did not last for long and snow melted just one or two days earlier. The strongest snowfall for this year did take place on the 15th of January. Most images but also the video posted is from this day at around 9h in the morning.

Video from the Geneva snowfall

If i recall well it also snowed the next day and temperatures stayed below zero for at least 10 days. To make the whole situation inside Geneva even more sleepery, the following Saturday 19 Jan. offered one more snowfall that although it lasted for a few hours, it was at points intense and added a lot of snow to the already deposited frozen snow from the 15th snowfall.

February was also as cold as January with a lot of days below zero degrees and some light snowfalls that due to low temp whitened again Geneva. Even today (10 March) some shadowy spots insist on keeping their frozen ‘memories’ with February snowcubes.

Photos from the Geneva snowfall in January 2013