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Full moon in Geneva and junction area

View images from Geneva during the full moon of October 2012(Monday 29th). Most of the images are taken from the train and pedestrian bridge that offers a nice view to the junction of the two main rivers that pass through the city of Geneva (pointe de la Jonction in French), Rhone and Arve. Rhone river exits from lake Leman or Geneva lake (Lac LĂ©man) and its waters are warmer compared to river Arve that receives its waters from the glaciers of the Chamonix valley in France. In addition, Rhone's waters are much more transparent while Arve's look much more "muddy"....

Geneva in snow, January 2013

Geneva in white. A scene that was repeated many times during the winter from December 2012 to late February 2013. Although this winter did not have the extremes of the last one, described as the ice-storm on February 2012 that lasted almost 20 days with temperatures inside the city around -10 and -15 Celsius degrees, and strong north winds (bise) that froze everything around the lake (Lac de Geneve or Lac Leman), it was pretty cold and very snowy even inside the city.

Berlin, on its 20th anniversary after wall’s fall.

20 years after the fall of the notorious Berlin wall i had the chance to visit the city that played such an important role in the world history of the 20th century. I also witnessed the repainting of the wall as it was getting repaired and prepared for the 20 years celebration of the fall. read more and view some pics