Ioannis Tsouratzis has extensive professional experience on the fields of web development, Search Engine Optimization and SEM, digital marketing, photography and multimedia editing.

Born and raised in Athens Greece, he is a permanent resident of Switzerland (Geneva and Neuchâtel) since 2012.

A passion for Alpine landscapes

Even in Greece (a country mostly known for its sunny and coastal landscapes), i was always trying to find myself over the mountains and enjoy the unknown to many traditional mountainous Greek villages with their unique and adapted to the environment  architecture and way of living.

But it was the breathtaking views and scenery of the Swiss and French Alps that boosted this desire to be on high altitudes. Couple this with my passion for skiing -i started skiing only when i reached the age of 40! It is never to late to discover your true passion- and my old time passion for landscape photography to get an idea why i always find a good excuse to hit the snowy slopes.

While skiing i always carry my photo and video cameras, the latest used with the support of a wearable gimbal for stabilized and smooth video shooting while skiing. Balanced between photo stills and video footage, captivating the beauty of the mountainous landscapes is a revitalizing experience and an energy boost needed after a full week in the city.

Hope you enjoy some of the moments i share on this website.